Announced INOVATELL remote computer control tool back

Nov 03 2015

On September 10th 2015, the international INOVATELL conference in Vilnius, hosted by the Valakupiai Rehabilitation Center and its European partners CRPG, URI-Soča and Idea Code in Lithuania, successfully presented the results of two years of cooperation. The conference aimed at launching the software for remote control of computer and e-learning content for people with severe motor disabilities and attracted more than 50 delegates from around the country.

The transfer of innovation project inovatell produced downloadable software that runs on a Windows 8 computers and tabs with a standard USB or built-in webcam. The project’s partners developed technological and training content – in order to make ICT learning accessible and to eliminate technological barriers to develop ICT skills. The touchless technology is a useful tool to eliminate the limitations of upper limbs and hand functionality. It allows with the help of the hand and head small movements to access the computer or tablet. It is expected that people use INOVATELL solution for education, communication and entertainment purposes, web browsers, and so on. This software and training material will is available for free in 4 languages: English, Lithuanian, Portuguese and Slovenian.

Find further information about the outcome of the project on the INOVATELL website.

App presentation video:

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