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Idea Code is a user experience consultancy and user interface design company

We can help when:
  1. You have a website or a web application, which is of critical importance to your marketing; however you are not certain how usable it is to your customers. Our quick usability review can help you find out the key usability issues and ways of their improvement.
  2. You are a software company and usability of your products is one of your key goals. We can carry out usability research for your products in various phases of software development.
  3. You have questions related to your new IT system development plans, but find it hard to answer them. We consult on usability, user interface design and general user experience topics in all the phases of new systems development.
  4. You need new software application or a website, which would meet general usability standards and your customer needs. We create usability research based user interfaces for your technology solutions.
  5. You have a web portal, which over the years grew into such a large project, that you and your customers can hardy find information in it. We provide information architecture services to help you restructure your existing websites.
  6. You are not satisfied with the current state of your software or website, however you are not certain on how to formulate and plan necessary changes. We provide user research services to help clarifying user needs, planning implementation of changes and overseeing that user centered approach is maintained during implementation.

Idea Code services overview:

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