Infographics: EuroBasket 2011 Schedule

Feb 01 2011 Idea Code Team

No secret, that we are a basketball nation. So we are very excited and proud, about EuroBasket 2011 taking place in Lithuania. This infographics with EuroBasket 2011 group structure and game schedules is our contribution to the even preparations. Any corrections or improvement suggestions are very welcome.

Infographics: EuroBasket Lithuania 2011 shedule

Infographics: Gas prices

Jan 20 2011 Idea Code Team

Do you sometimes get a feeling that you are overpaying for gas? Or possibly all the time? In Lithuania, which is a country of our home office, we get this feeling a lot. So the following infographics was inspired by a routine visit to a gas station sometime around New Year. After a brief brainstorming, our team spent half a day for web/database search and number crunching and another half a day for graphic design. Following is our result. When we looked at the numbers, we thought "No wonder this infographics originated in Lithuania"...

Infographics: gasoline affordable per month for average gross salary in each country